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Experience healing as you atune yourself to your subtle body through an exploration of Muladhara (Root Support) Chakra, the first of our 7 Chakras, through which all energy flows.  Muladhara Chakra is related to our physical presence in the world, our feelings of security and stability both physically and emotionally, as well as our sense of connection to All. With guidance from Heather, you will be invited to surrender into an useful state through grounding meditation and breath-work followed by supported Restorative and Yin postures.  During this practice, Kimmy will offer hands on Reiki healing individually to each participant. This illuminating combination of Yoga, Reiki and Meditation will give you a sense of deep serenity, open you to greater self-awareness and understanding of the bridge between our inner and outer shells.  You will leave this practice feeling deeply healed and restored to balance. 

Sign Up Early! Space is limited to just 12 participants for an intimate setting.