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Mudras are a practice that uses hand gestures to restore balance for greater physical and emotional health. This ancient practice is known to help link the brain to the body, soothe pain, stimulate endorphins, change mood and increase our vitality. You'll learn about specific mudras and how they can act as "locks," to guide energy flows and explore the many facets of yoga philosophy with mudras. We'll experience meditation with these gestures as a way to listen to the body more deeply and consciously. This workshop includes hand exercises to help release tension in the hands due to repetitive stress injuries such as carpel tunnel. Wear comfortable yoga clothes so we can infuse what we're learning with gentle restorative postures. Also, Artist Heather Jameson will Mehndi your hands (or feet), with henna paste during the class. Mehndi is an old custom to decorate the skin with crushed leaves from henna and essential oils to promote beauty, joy and happiness.