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A Constellation is a facilitated group process that allows us to dis-entangle from loyalties and burdens we carry that do not belong to us. Constellations help us restore love, connection, security and belonging and can bring life changing resolution.

There will be an exercise to allow everyone to experience constellation work.
Cost: Participant$15, Personal constellation: $150, Please email to if you would like a personal constellation so we may prepare you for this.

A Personal Constellation is best booked and paid in advance. Preparation work is requested, which includes a questionnaire, a pre-constellation phone interview and a follow up call after the constellation.  We ask that the completed questionnaire be returned at least 3 days prior to constellation. Some exceptions for 3 days prior to constellation prep can be arranged, if space allows. RSVP to Karina is requested.

The Facilitators:
Lesley Weinstock
Physician Assistant, Functional-Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Women's Health Specialist, Facilitator of Family Constellations, NVC and The Work of Byron Katie

Karina J Duffy
Trauma Release Practitioner (TRM), Grief Specialist & Somatic Counselor. over 15 years experience as Facilitator & Participant of Family Constellations.