Hosted by Yoga Casita
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This event brings together the sound of traditional instruments including Didgeridoo and Native American Flute and Gong along with the more modern vibrations of 432Hz Crystal Singing Bowls. Breath exercises, group toning, and visualization are all elements to bring participants into a meditative state of mind as well as helping to release tension, stress, and fear. Sound vibrations combined with breath and visualization helps to activate the bodies Parasympathetic Nervous system response. Sending a message to our cells and internal organs telling them to relax. This sequence acts to reduces stress hormones and has the ability to lower heart rates and blood pressure. Receiving these sound waves while in a state of meditation allows your body to recalibrate. The breath techniques that are practiced help oxygenate the blood and stimulate oxytocin supply to the brain also triggering the body into a natural relaxation response. Visualization is used as a tool to help focus and direct the minds attention towards the breath and the vital life force energy that flows through the body.