Hosted by Grassroots Yoga and Mariah Ingram-Pflaumer
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Spread your wings and fly!
Arm balances are liberating fun postures that teach us about our intrinsic power and innate playfulness, courage, faith and agility.

This workshop is directed towards arm balance fledglings, who would like to learn the basics of crow and side crow (bakasana/ parsva bakasana) and bujapidasana. As well as more seasoned yogi’s who would like to take their arm balance poses to the next level with the possibilities of flying pigeon (Galavasana), one legged sage pose 1&2 (Eka Pada Koundinyasana), and eight angle pose (Astavakrasana).

We will play with a fun vinyasa to warm up, and then soar into more challenging arm balance poses.

Regardless of where you are in your practice, there is a krama (stage) for everyone, and techniques to help you right where you’re at! You do not need to wait to become stronger, more limber, or different then you are right now. Core, balance, open shoulders and hips hold the key to help you fly, and take home a refreshed awareness of these striking asanas.